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Chromecast Ultra or Apple TV-which one is best for you.

Chromecast Ultra or Apple TV

Chromecast has already gained a lot of praise with its Google Chromecast which has proved itself to be the best streaming device. Now, Google has introduced its new streaming device known as Chromecast Ultra but the Chromecast set up procedure setting up the Chromecast Ultra is same. Chromecast Ultra is a streaming stick which gets plugged into the HDMI port of your TV and wireless streams the content from the internet.

This time Google has also added another option of plugging an Ethernet cable into the power supply if you prefer a wired connection. And which proves to be effective if you want to watch 4K Ultra UHD content and if can always take Chromecast Help if you are not able to figure out your device.

   Chromecast Ultra or Apple TV

It provides 802.11ac 1×2 SIMO connectivity and which works fine on a strong signal. The device measures as 58.2 x 13.7 x 58.2mm and weighs 47g.It comes in a black plastic case which makes the device look smart.

However, Google has not revealed much about the device but we know it is nearly twice fast than its predecessor and also supports 4K UHD video with HDR.

Now, if we talk about Apple TV then this small set-box fits easily to any media centre and can also be mounted on the back of the TV. It measures are 100 x 100 x 33mm and it is a sturdy device with a matt black plastic case.

Chromecast Ultra or Apple TV

Apple TV can be connected through HDMI, Ethernet, USB-C. There is no output for audio but it supports Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Further device is equipped with 64-bit A8 chip which gives Apple TV smooth performance and enough power. This device doesn’t support 4K which is the key feature of the Chromecast Ultra.

It can be either controlled by iOS or Siri Remote. Siri Remote provides voice control for the interface. It also has a touch pad area at the top whereas, Chromecast don’t have an interface. All it does cast your content directly to your TV.

Chromecast Ultra or Apple TV

Chromecast doesn’t have an interface as such, or remote control, as the idea is that you look for content on your phone, tablet or PC, then cast it to your TV. This is achieved by pressing the Www Chromecast com button found on compatible apps, which include most of the big ones in the UK such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies, iPlayer, BBC Sport, BT Sport, All 4, and Spotify.

The USP of Chromecast Ultra is its ability to stream 4K UHD which is not a small thing as in the UK there is only Amazon Fire TV which is offering 4K streaming. However, 4K is not that popular these days but steadily it is picking up the pace. Presently, we have Netflix and YouTube which are streaming UHD but soon others will be joining too.

You can also mirror content on your Android phone to your TV. When you are not watching TV then Ultra can also act as a photo gallery screensaver.

Chromecast Ultra or Apple TV

Apple uses its interface that consists of a variety of apps, games, music. You can navigate it through the touch pad section of the remote and Siri integration this means that you can search apps through voice commands. While you’re watching movies and miss something unintentionally then you just have to ask the controller ‘what did they say?’ and it will rewind the video by 10 sec and then it will display the subtitles.

The Apple TV is loaded with a number of apps and games. Like Chromecast Ultra you can also send content from your phones to the screens by using Apple’s Airplay technology.


Apple TV is for the people who want to watch TV and movies with traditional interface and controller but it is heavily priced. And for those who are looking for 4K streaming as it is a big feature these days. It is still a better alternative than Apple TV as it is less expensive and gives you great streaming experience.

Moreover, if the issue is bit complex then Chromecast support is there which is provided by our technicians to get you out of any problem.