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Chromecast Audio- Limited in app support


You need to download the Google Cast app from Chromecast App Download on your smartphone (free on Android and iOS). The device (Speaker inputs supported: RCA. 3.5mm) is compatible with both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks. Now connect it by using 3.5mm audio cable to the input of your speaker music system. Now streamer is ready to accept audio stream from various apps on your android/iOS device.

The designing and pattern of this device is enough to pull your attention. A small circular design with diameter of 2 inches.  The black color has been spruced up with a groove pattern on one side, while the other has a smooth finish. And of course one micro USB port for power, one 3.5mm port for connecting to a speaker and incase if you find any obstacle regarding performance or you need to connect to a different Wi-Fi then there is button to reset the device or you can also take ChromeCast help for more appropriate solution. You’ll get a yellow colored 3.5mm audio cable with Chromecast Audio, and you need to purchase ‘mini- Toslink’ if you need to connect to an optical audio input in an audio-video receiver or a soundbar. Normal quality of audio is consider to be 44.1 KHz (16 bit), mostly you’ll see this quality everywhere but Chromecast Audio can now stream up to 96 KHz (24 bit), now we can imagine the quality of sound. Chromecast Audio does not work with all audio playback and streaming apps on your smartphone, and that is its biggest limitation compared with Bluetooth, which just simply works.


Chromecat Audio is in your budget plus what else you need when you are getting high audio quality with good performance in Rs. 3,399/- . But if you rely on any particular music streaming service to get your fix of the latest tunes, kindly make sure if it currently works with Chromecast Audio. Rest, reading reviews and using product personally, both contains the huge difference. Install the Google  app by navigating to Www ChromeCast setup.