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Chromecast And Dolby Digital Plus: A Deadly Combination


Chromecast, with help of HDMI in of TV is capable of streaming content from the internet to the TV. It does not make use of source’s resources that much, instead this is why it is different from mirroring content. When we mirror content, the host must also be playing what is being intended to be mirrored. If we fiddle around with host, that would also be seen on the mirrored screen.

If there is any instant message or SMS or a call, the streaming will be interrupted. Secondly since it is using a lot of screen time as well as wireless resources, battery drainage is inevitable. Google cast is different from this in a lot of ways. First of all, when we install cast app, all the other apps compatible with Chromecast start showing a cast icon as soon as we open them. Not all but many are cast compatible.

How to cast with Chromecast:maxresdefault51

As soon as we touch that soft key overlay, the content of that app starts to stream on bigger screen. Now, you can use your smartphone for variety of other purposes say calling and messaging. You can also switch it off without worrying that content will be hampered on Chromecast. Those Chromecast apps have been designed in a manner that as soon as we click on the cast overlay, they give the link of the content to Chromecast so that it becomes independent of the smartphone.

It is a smart technique which saves a lot of resources and surely saves battery life of our smartphone. Chromecast com setup also has a variety of apps and games developed for it lately. It was once marketed as a TV streamer but now there are so many apps and games for it, it has become analogous to a total home entertainment device.

Audio and video output of Chromecast:chromecast_audio_plugge

Latest TV shows and movies being streamed on Chromecast are all HD. Though they are HD, they are played in a 720p resolution. An HD content is not only high definition in video but also in audio. They also have a 5.1 or 7.1 Dolby digital audio. Many of the shows and most of the content has started to accept this format.

There was a query related to Chromecast download by a reddit user if it supports that Dolby digital sound or not. Since Chromecast has an HDMI out port, it does support Dolby digital sound. However, Dolby digital sound out solely depends upon TV make and audio out defaults of TV. For instance, a TV speaker which is inbuilt has a mono out. It will never give out a stereo or Dolby sound. However when you connect a home theatre with it, that is why there is a chance of Dolby out audio. It is because many audio jacks are made to give out a 5.1 channel output. So if you want a Dolby surround sound from Chromecast, plug it into the TV and the plug your 5.1 channel audio system in TV audio out jack and check if it works.

Dolby digital

How to get a Dolby audio out of Chromecast:

Most of the time it should, however many times it does not. In that case, get an HDMI splitter. Then Download Chromecast in that splitter. Send one out cable to HDMI TV plugin for video and another for HDMI plugin to your audio system. That being said, it is obvious that your audio system must have an HDMI input port for this to work.