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Chromecast 2 Vs Chromecast Ultra. Which One To Buy?

If you wish to purchase Google Chromecast media player and are doubtful with Chromecast ultra and Chromecast 2, then here are some suggestions for you which will help you in deciding the best one for yourself. A Chromecast is just like a dongle that plugs into TV port and changes the capabilities of TV.

Most people don’t know that they can control the Chromecast dongle with the phone as well as with the Google Chrome browser. The most common apps supported by the player include BBC player, BT sport, Red bull, All4, and Netflix.

Let’s shed some light on the differences between the two products in terms of price, shape, and performance.

According to design:

The Chromecast 2 shape is totally different from that of original Chromecast. You will find this model available in single color only i: e black.  Apart from this, you will get magnetic HDMI cable that you can hook up with the device itself when not in use.

The main thing that is to be noticed in the new model is its shape and logo. The company has revamped the logo completely. Now you will find ‘G’ engrossed in the front of the player.

If we talk of Chromecast ultra, then it is coming in beta version. The logo of this model is also changed to ‘G’. You will not find the old logo in any software version.

Features, performance, and specifications

  • RAM: It is 512 MB.
  • Power source: USB.
  • Dimensions: 51.9 x 51.9 x 13.49.
  • Chip: Armada with 1500 mini plus
  • Weight: only 30 grams

Chromecast 2 supports Full HD content with 1080 pixels. If your TV doesn’t support 4K content, then you can connect the Chromecast 2 to it without any problem. You will be able to watch Full-HD content without any failure. Yes, if your TV doesn’t support 1080p, then the video will automatically downscale to 720p.

If we talk about Chromecast ultra, then no clear-cut specifications and hardware details are available online. We are simply guessing that you will get Armada chip with ARM design. As far as its speed is concerned, this is more than that of Chromecast 2. Both devices can play 4k content it means they are compatible with 4K content.

The difference in terms of price

If you are living in the UK, then you can get Chromecast 2 for £30 and Chromecast ultra for £69. Though the price of Chromecast ultra is bit heftier you will get additional features like Dolby digital, HDR and 4K support.

Which one to buy out of the two?

Depending on the requirement and TV you are owning at home, you can purchase any device out of the two. If your TV supports 4K playback, then you can go with Chromecast ultra. On the other hand, if your TV supports FullHD playback, then you can go with Chromecast 2.

The main thing that is to be considered here is whether you really require Chromecast or your requirements can be met by its alternatives even. There is a number of digital media player companies available in the market like Roku, Amazon Fire TV and stick. These models are reasonable and support all those features available in Chromecast 2 and ultra. Moreover, you will find a good number of content available for streaming in the Roku library.



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