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Are you not being able to watch Chromecast content on Samsung Galaxy Note?

: Are you getting the problem with Chromecast installed in your Samsung galaxy note? If yes, then you might be searching for online solutions. Your search is over. You just have to go through the steps mentioned here in this post. If the problem still persists, then you can contact Chromecast support.

A significant number of Samsung Note users have complained the same issue in the complaint form. They said that they are not being able to connect the Chromecast to the device even after implementing the instructions available on the screen. Some annoyed users have already left this platform and find it better to use Roku com link instead of Chromecast.

Today, the steps which are going to mention are found out by our technical research team. They have already tried these steps and find it helpful on their Samsung Note phone. If after applying the below-mentioned steps, you still find any problem, then you can go to Chromecast Comsetup A complete guide will be displayed on the screen.

For your information, we want to mention here that once the Chromecast gets connected to the TV. It will automatically recognize the port. If not, then select the port manually. At the same time, a notification related to the Chromecast connection will be indicated on the Samsung Note. Till now, you can’t play content from your smartphone until and unless you are connected to same Wi-Fi network. You will keep on getting the error.

Here, the problem is with the phone Wi-Fi settings only. You need to go through the settings carefully. No need to troubleshoot the router or TV for this issue. Open ‘Networks’ followed by ‘Advanced’ settings. You can fix the issue from here. Change the IP settings from dynamic to static and DHCP settings to default.

After implementing the above-mentioned tricks if you are still facing any problem, then you are required to follow the steps which we are going to discuss now. The steps will work for all Samsung models irrespective of OS version installed in them. For quick assistance, you can call at Chromecast support number.

  1. Change the settings of your router. The settings are not available on any other link.
  2. For Belkin router, you need to click on UPnP settings.
  3. Change your router location. It must not be placed in any corner of your house.
  4. If the problem still persists, then you can change the router.  You can use another manufacturer router. If the problem gets solved, then it means there is a problem with the router. If your router is within warranty, then you can replace it from the nearby store.
  5. Reset your router to default settings.

After applying all these steps, if you are still getting the problem, then there is no need to get annoyed, just give us a call at technical support number provided on the page. The customer care executives will help you in fixing the issue at any cost. If you find the steps helpful for you, then don’t forget to mention the comments in the section mentioned below and start enjoying your favorite channels like YouTube, HBO, and Hulu on TV.


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