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A Quick Overview To Setup Chromecast On Xbox One

To setup Chromecast on Xbox, you don’t need any special hardware or software. You need to simply follow the steps mentioned in the guide. If you configure Chromecast on your Xbox one, then there is no need of connecting any other device. You will be able to enjoy your favorite games as well as movies on single box. Connect Chromecast to your Xbox console and select right HDMI channel from the list of channels. Download app in your supported device from app store. 

Switching between devices sometimes become difficult task because of number of factors. The main problem of using more than one device at a time is that you require more than one HDMI port for connecting different devices and you need to switch between them manually.

Xbox has now made it possible to connect your Chromecast to port provided in Xbox. You can stream content from both devices at the same time without any problem. Just setup Chromecast after connecting it to the HDMI port. The steps to setup Chromecast are mentioned here as under. You don’t find any need to take help from other internet sources after reading steps from there.

  1. In first step, you need to plug the Chromecast into the Xbox HDMI port. This port is given at the back of Xbox console.
  2. Now, open Xbox one app and launch it on big screen.
  3. Press ‘A’ button from the top of the Xbox to connect it to cable service.
  4. Sit back and relax until your Chromecast gets detected by Xbox gaming console.
  5. You will find ‘Connected’ message on screen after successful connection.
  6. Click ‘Next’.
  7. You may get prompted for certain questions. Skip this step and move to next step.
  8. Configure your Xbox for Chromecast and start playing content.
  9. You will now get a message on screen, which asks you to select the method of streaming content from Chromecast. You can either select direct app opening method or redirect it from home page itself.
  10. Click ‘Next’ to conclude Chromecast setup. When the setup process will be completed, you will find ‘Home screen’ of your Chromecast device.

This is how you can setup Chromecast on Xbox. When you get welcome screen on your TV, then launch an app from smartphone. You can then open any content on screen of your smartphone. Click to start casting content on TV screen. If you find any problem in streaming the data, then you can take help from Chromecast support page.

Now coming to the steps to reset Chromecast on Xbox one

In case you are getting problem in streaming, you can troubleshoot it by resetting the device. While connecting the device, open ‘Settings’ menu from TV guide followed by ‘Solution’. Here, resetting TV settings option will be displayed on the screen.

How to cast without Chromecast: In case, you are not having Chromecast device, then there is nothing to worry. You can cast Chromecast content from Chromecast app itself. If you wish to watch YouTube content on TV, then download Chromecast extension on Browser.

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