There can be many reasons if your Chromecast is not connecting to the home Wi-Fi properly. Try the below-mentioned fixes and check if the problem is solved or not.

1. Factory Reset: This is the simplest and quickest way to fix the problem. FDR will not remove any app data from the device but only the Chromecast number will get changed and you need to do Chromecast setup.

  • Hold the reset button of your Chromecast for more than 20 seconds. You will find this button at the back of it. After the stipulated time, your TV screen will go blank. Now, wait for some time, till the memory gets cleared.
  • It is also recommended to use the different device for second Google chrome cast setup attempt. For instance; if you had used your smartphone earlier, then try installing the app in your tablet or in a laptop.

2. Use of extender: Your Chromecast has a short HDMI extender cable. The main purpose of this HDMI cable is to provide some space to the Chromecast so that it can easily detect the home network.

  • If you have connected your Chromecast at the back of the TV, then your TV may act as a shield for your device and it will not able to catch the signal easily from your home Wi-Fi network. If you have placed your TV on some table, then also connect the extender cable with the Chromecast and try to setup now with the network.

3. Reset the Router/modem: Switch off the modem and router. If you are using a single device for both the purposes, then you need to switch off only that device. Wait for at least 10 seconds and connect the device back to the power supply and turn them on. Don’t forget to turn on the modem first followed by the router. Now connect your Chromecast to the modem again.

4. Check the network operating frequency: If you want to setup Chromecast on your router, then don’t forget to check the frequency band of your network. It usually comes with 2 frequency band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Chromecast only works on 2.4 GHz. It may sound strange but this is the fact. You can even confirm from the support executives by calling at Chromecast support number provided on the page. The main advantage of low frequency is that it can easily penetrate through small objects.

  • Open the router settings and check the frequency on which it is currently operating. If you find multiple options here, then click on 2.4 GHz band for Chromecast.
  • If you have connected multiple devices to the 5GHz network, then you need to stay away from them for some time. Don’t forget to turn on ‘Guest mode’ from your router while setting up Chromecast.

5. Update the firmware of your router: When you log in to the router settings, you will find ‘firmware’ update option in the notification bar. If the update is available, then it will directly update the router and improve the security standards of it.

6. Change the router channels: Most of the routers have different wireless channels available in it. These channels need to be changed because if you are using more than one device on the same channel, then this may cause interference.

  • To change the channel, go to router settings and read the instructions given at the back of the router. You can also find the instructions on the manufacturer website. Enter the model number and serial number online.
  • Look for the wireless section and go to ‘Channel and SSID’ menu from here. The menus may vary depending on the router model.


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