Friday, October 20, 2017
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List of accessibility features of Chromecast for Android device

As we all know Chromecast allows you to stream the content from your mobile phone, tablets, and laptops directly to your TV. But many...
chromecast features

A brief review of new Casting features that come with Chromecast

Chrome cast functionality has rolled out some new features such as its standard steps to install the chrome cast device from chrome. If you...

How to solve Black screen issues with Chromecast?

Due to the wrong setup of Chromecast people might experience black screen issues. Looking forward to its solution today we have some self-troubleshooting steps,...
stream Kodi on chromecast

Stream Kodi To Your TV With The Help Of Chromecast And Smartphone Device

Through a smartphone, you can send Kodi to the big screen in two different methods. Both the methods are easy and quick. The first...
chromecast nearby

How to solve the problem of not finding Cast devices for Chromecast?

Many times, users are unable to detect the devices for Casting the content from their Chromecast device. So today we have come up with...
chromecast software issue

How to solve software update issues with Chromecast?

It usually takes around 10 minutes for downloading the updates to Chromecast. But sometimes it might take much longer time to complete the updates...
chromecast audio

How to do sound settings for the Chromecast audio device?

It is essential to adjust the sound levels of Chromecast audio device as it the only method through which we can receive the output...
chromecast ultra

Prerequisites to enable 4K Ultra HD streaming with Chromecast?

Everyone wants to enjoy the best television experience with their devices. So, they buy new devices that promise to deliver excellent picture quality. Still...
chromecast Issues

How to fix these general issues of Chromecast

If you’re a Chromecast user and struggling with these common errors, then you need to check these facile steps. You can also contact experts. Unable...
chromecast com setup

Compatibility constraints of Chromecast with streaming devices

Google Chromecast is a device that allows you to view online audio-video content on any of your devices like T.V, computer, etc. Few people...
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